Carpet and Upholstery Services

Euro Care uses a pressurized hot water extraction process generated by powerful commercial grade machines. We employ a three step cleaning process that maintains and extends the life of your carpet/upholstery by effectively removing soil, stains, dirt, dust and bacteria. Each cleaning process involves the following three steps:

STEP #1- Pre-inspection of Upholstery/Carpets:

A Euro Care representative will meet with you and thoroughly inspect all areas/objects to be cleaned. This helps determine your specific needs and to identify any areas that may require additional attention.

STEP #2- Pre-conditioning, Cleaning & Rinse:

Euro Care always utilizes high-pressure commercial grade machines to apply a heated cleaning agent that penetrates deep into carpet/upholstery fibers. This advanced process loosens embedded dirt and stains. Once the heated cleaning agent is applied, the entire area is cleaned and rinsed.

STEP #3- Drying & Post Inspection:

Euro Care machines are equipped with dual engines to produce extra-strong suction. This improves drying time and allows you to walk or sit on your carpet/upholstery sooner. Euro Care then inspects the completed job with you to ensure your satisfaction.