General Commercial Services

Euro Care's commercial cleaning service is second to none. Our attention to quality and focus on customer satisfaction makes us a leader in our industry. All commercial cleaning orders include the following services performed at each visit:

Kitchens : Spot-clean cupboard fronts and edges, dust and clean all countertops, clean the outsides of all appliances, clean sink and all chrome faucets and fixtures, mop floor.

Bathrooms : Clean in and around toilets, wipe counters tops, clean sinks, polish mirrors and chrome fixtures, mop floor.

Glass Doors & Mirrors : Spot clean blemishes and marks on all glass doors and mirrors.

Garbage : Collect and dispose of all garbage in waste bins, bathrooms and kitchens.

General Office Cleaning : Dust furniture, dust around desks and computers, clean and dust all horizontal surfaces, clean window sills and light fixtures, remove visible cobwebs.

Floors : Vacuum and/or mop entire area.

Additional Services

Floor polishing : We professionally buff & polish all types of hard wood, tile, ceramic, linoleum, travertine, and marble floors. We also provide floor-stripping services. All polishing/stripping services are priced per square foot upon consultation.

General building maintenance/cleaning : We offer stain spot removal, floodwater removal, removal of garbage (disposal fees extra - if applicable), appliance cleaning, window cleaning (ground level only) and interior wall washing services. All pricing will be determined by on-site quotation.

Apartment clean out service : We will remove all garbage (disposal fee extra - if applicable); wash and clean all vertical surfaces, sinks, toilets, bath tub, window sills and countertops; sweep, vacuum and mop; and clean all appliances. Property managers are entitled to a discount based on volume orders.

Note: Apartments containing bio-hazards or infestations will not be serviced.