Floor Stripping

Although sealed floor surfaces can be extremely durable, they do require proper maintenance to preserve their luster. Without this maintenance, sealed floors lose their sheen and can develop wax buildup and unsightly discoloration. This dull film, coupled with deep scratches and abrasions, acts like a magnet that attracts even more dirt and grime.

At Euro Care we professionally strip, seal, wax & polish all types of vinyl tile, ceramic, linoleum, travertine, stone and marble floors. A trained Euro Care technician will remove your floor's old sealer, reseal it with a high-quality premium sealer, apply a premium wax, and buff the surface to a sparkling shine.

This seal and gloss finish will extend the life of your floors, reduce marks and scratches, and guard against particle penetration and abrasions. All polishing & stripping services are priced per square foot upon consultation.

Trust all of your floor stripping, sealing, buffing, and refinishing needs to the experts at Euro Care.