Showroom Cleaning Services

Euro Care makes the difference. There is no greater demand for perfect cleaning standards than in the immaculate world of company showrooms. Our extremely high standards, quality staff and impeccable customer service enable us to excel in this very demanding sector. Euro Care delivers the utmost cleaning standards that franchise dealership, property management and storefront operations require. Trust the professionals at Euro Care for all of your showroom cleaning needs. All showroom cleaning orders include the following services performed at each visit:

Reception Area : Spot-clean reception counter fronts and edges, dust and clean all horizontals, dispose of all garbage in waste bin, mop floor and/or vacuum entire area.

Bathrooms : Clean in and around toilets, wipe counters tops, clean sinks, polish mirrors and chrome fixtures, mop floor.

Glass Doors & Mirrors : Spot-clean blemishes and marks on all glass verticals, doors and mirrors.

Garbage : Collect and dispose of all garbage in waste bins, bathrooms and kitchens.

General Showroom Cleaning : Dust furniture, dust around displays, clean and dust all horizontal surfaces, clean window sills and light fixtures, remove visible cobwebs.

Floors : Vacuum or mop entire area